Beauty by Boo Boo Box

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Remember when I was little and said “Pretty comes in all shapes and sizes.  My size is cute?” Well, in my new Beauty by Boo Boo box, I'm sharing some of my favorite beauty products with you so that when you look at yourself in the mirror you can say “Yesssssssss Boo Boo” just like I do.   

I’ve worked with some of my favorite brands to pick out items for the box. You'll find fantastic cosmetics, convenient beauty tools and some stuff that's just fun. Want a few examples? Check these out!

FIRST: The custom Beauty by Boo Boo Mini Straightener is an exclusive item you can ONLY get in my box. It is so cute & works so well to tame your mane!

NEXT: You're the first to hear about this...I partnered with my friends at KAB cosmetics to include TWO items from them. One is the beautiful BUTTERCREAM GLOWMEUP Highlight Palette. Girl, you need one...there are 3 shades of highlight and they are all goooorgeous.

And the LAST secret for now...a new liquid eye shadow from Medusa's Make-Up. It's shimmery & glistens and will have you looking fabulous, honey! I love Medusa's Make-Up because not only does it look amazing, but their makeup line is also vegan and cruelty free. How cool is that??

The retail value of the items in the box is over $200.00, so it's also a really great deal!

I can't wait to send one to you!